Thursday, June 24, 2021

PS 197 Used By AP and Teacher as a Place For Sex Tryst


Assistant Principal Sergio Herrera

I don't know which is more disturbing about this story - what the AP and teacher did, or why they thought they could get away with it. The secrets of the New York City Department of Education would make a great movie.

Jessenia Zapata

My opinion is that the NYC DOE "allows" people to do something wrong and then picks the people who blow the whistle to remove from their jobs. Here, Herrera will probably be given a job as an administrator within the walls of 52 Chambers street, similar to Santiago Taveras while Ms. Zappata will be put into a rubber room.

 Betsy Combier

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Sex ed! NYC teacher and her married boss had trysts in school library, science labs
by Jason Beeferman and Selim Algar, NY POST, June 23, 2021

A married principal and his teacher lover turned their Queens elementary school into a hot sheets motel — having sex everywhere from the library to the science labs, sometimes while kids were in class, sources told The Post.

Officials are now investigating Assistant Principal Sergio Herrera for allegedly conducting a torrid affair with underling Jessenia Zapata — and threatening the jobs of staffers who found out, the sources said.

“This is a school run by fear,” said one of nearly a dozen sources at PS 197 in Far Rockaway, who spoke to the Post on condition of anonymity.

“Everyone is scared to say anything. We don’t know what else to do.”

The Special Commissioner of Investigation is in possession of text messages that indicate Herrera and Zapata had sex in their school building during workdays, the sources said.

“I just had sex with him in his office,” Zapata wrote to a colleague during a school day in October 2019. “We’re in library now. Girl it was worth the risk.”

The venue changed to a science room on another occasion, according to a message.

“We just had sex in rickys lab in the closet,” Zapata wrote in a December 2019 message viewed by The Post.

Several school staffers said they were appalled.

“How is a parent going to feel that this is going on in their kid’s school?” a teacher said. “It’s just totally inappropriate and shows that they feel like they can do anything.”

School sources said Herrera and Zapata also schemed to call out sick on the same day to meet at a hotel

“U think people r going to talking shit if we r both out?” Herrera asked before the October 2019 meeting.

“Idgaf anymore,” Zapata replied. “Let them talk amor.”

Herrera, who is married, grew concerned that their activities were drawing attention at the school — and confronted one teacher about the rumors in a January 2020 meeting.

With Zapata in the room, Herrera told the crying educator that he would extinguish her career if she didn’t tell him who knew of the relationship or if she ever leaked word of it.

Meanwhile, Zapata has been shown favoritism in her school assignments and currently oversees the third grade as a grade leader, sources said.

Herrera’s wife eventually found out about the affair and furiously alerted principal Christina Villavicencio in 2020, sources said.

Concerned teachers contacted their union representatives late last year and the SCI began an investigation this January that is ongoing.

“Our schools must be safe havens for all students and staff, and these are very troubling allegations,” said DOE spokesperson Katie O’Hanlon. “Immediately following these allegations being reported, the teacher was reassigned to a different supervisor and there is an ongoing, independent investigation to determine appropriate next steps.”

School sources said that Zapata and Herrera still appear together on Zoom meetings related to curriculum and maintain close professional ties.

Zapata declined to comment on the allegations.

Herrera could not be reached.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

The Parcare Vaccine Fraud: Who is Investigating AG Letisha James?


ParCare CEO Gary Schlesinger [photo: Paul Martinka]

OK, so Attorney General Letitia James is "chummy" with Gary Schlesinger, whose company allegedly fraudulently obtained 2,300 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, and she recuses herself from the investigation by her office.

Our question is: who is investigating AG James?

Gov. Cuomo says AG to probe vaccine ‘fraud,’ vows $1M fine for violations

We want to know.

Betsy Combier
Susan Edelman, NYPOST, January 2, 2021

State Attorney General Letitia James has recused herself from the ParCare vaccination probe “to avoid even an appearance of conflict,” her office told The Post.

The AG’s office will still investigate whether ParCare Community Health Network “fraudulently” obtained 2,300 doses of the coveted Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, a case referred by Gov. Cuomo,  but James will have “zero involvement,” officials said.

James is chummy with the boss of the embattled network, which runs four Brooklyn clinics, one in upstate Kiryas Joel and another in Harlem.

Gov. Cuomo and state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker have accused ParCare of misidentifying itself as a “qualified health center” to obtain the vaccine from the state Health Department.

ParCare said it administered 869 of 2,300 vaccine doses, and handed over the remainder, along with documentation “regarding the proper receipt of the vaccines.” The company denied any wrongdoing, and vowed to cooperate with the probe.

The recusal was announced after questions were raised whether James — a former City Councilwoman in central Brooklyn and NYC Public Advocate — is too friendly with PareCare CEO Gary Schlesinger.

“In order to avoid even an appearance of conflict, the Attorney General has personally recused herself from this matter,” a spokeswoman said in a statement.

A  fixture in the Orthodox Jewish community, Schlesinger was photographed smiling broadly alongside James at a 2015 Democratic Party fund-raiser at Junior’s restaurant in downtown Brooklyn.

In January 2016, Schlesinger posted a Facebook photo of himself next to James and ParCare’s executive team, captioned, “catching up with the energetic NYC Public Advocate Letitia James to discuss healthcare needs of Brooklyn’s underserved communities.”

In  2017, Schlesinger posted a photo of himself and James “celebrating last night with my friend,” calling her the “future NYC mayor.” 

In 2018, James ran for state attorney general instead of mayor. Schlesinger was a key supporter of James’ AG campaign, and reportedly was involved in running a PAC to help her get elected.

“I endorse Tish James, who is devoted to fair justice for all and religious liberty which is why I join Jewish community leaders and advocates to endorse” her, Schlesinger posted on Facebook, one of several messages urging followers to vote for her.

The history of Schlesinger’s political alliance with James, and Cuomo plopping the ParCare probe into the AG’s lap, has raised eyebrows.

No one’s taking it seriously as a threat,” said an Orthodox Jewish resident.  “It’s known she’s very good friends with the Hasidic community. She’s  unlikely to do anything  to jeopardize that relationship.”

AG officials said the Brooklyn born-and-bred James knows a wide range of political and community leaders in the borough, and that her relationship with Schlesinger will not compromise the probe.

“Our office will follow the facts and the law wherever they may lead,” a spokesperson said in the statement.

The offices of Cuomo and Zucker would not explain why the state failed to check ParCare’s credentials before shipping the vaccines.